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that Builds trust while delivering services

getStatus is a simple way to build and operate “client login” for projects & services

Its easy as



Milestones  & tasks

Start a new customer communication by choosing getStatus out-of-the-box processes or by naming your milestones.  Give it a name, and you are good to go!


Invite your customers

Your customers would have secured access to the “client area” you have created for them. They can even sign in from your website!


Status updates

Communicate from time to time – milestones progress, send push notifications, emails, text messages, upload documents, ask your customers to fill in information and more.

Success Stories

Thanks to getStatus the amount of “where it stands?” client calls reduced which allows us to focus more on legal professional workGuy Farbman
Law firm

Thanks to getStatus we are able to improve our relations with hundreds of our customer by letting them feel they are part of the process

Yariv Bar Datn

Founder & CEO

Thanks to getStatus I am able to get advantage over the competition and be appreciated by my clients as innovative and enabler for less-tech users

Iris Anavi Ozchakir

Head of Services, municipality

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